Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dear family and friends,

Our last blog is dedicated to all of you that made many wonderful things happen for some people in Madagascar. Without your donations we could not have accomplished the many projects that came our way. You have been a blessing in their lives and ours also.

Donations came from family, a Bee Hive class, friends, missionaries families, and strangers. We tried to spend your money as wisely as we could. We had over 14,000,000 ariarys donated which is over $7,000.

The blog below will show where some of that money went. There was money spent on getting Malagasy missionaries ready for their missions. Back packs, luggage, white shirts, passports, dental work and immunizations. Some how we never took a picture of them. We also passed out rice and beans in Christmas 2008.

As you have helped some of the least in the world, may Heavenly Father's blessings be with you.
We love you and look forward to being with you in the future.


David & Judy


Sarah said...

My word, when you look at all the people you have all been able to help, it is just astounding!

tenacious d said...

I just had the most overpowering urge to shout "Hallelujah!", but didn't since I'm at work. My spirit is shouting for joy at the wonderful things that have been done for our brothers and sisters in Madagascar.