Sunday, September 21, 2008

Every leaf goes into bleach water and then washed in filtered water.
Notice Judy's toe in the bottom right hand corner... Now, notice how dirty this little boys feet are and how surprised Judy felt when he was playing tooties with her toes! After she noticed he wouldn't do it again.
Sometimes living in this country is challenging! You are looking at my favorite sweater vest that now is a baby size and won't even go over my large head. Now, Judy will explain this phenomena?
Home from shopping, in the open air market, Shop Rite, and Jumbos. The washing begins. It only takes us a half hour instead of over an hour, but we love the fresh produce.
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For our Island Conference we had 10 extra missionaries staying in our building for one night. Judy fixed a spaghetti dinner for 14 with homemade french bread, green salad and brownies for dessert. They loved it as you can see.

Elder and Sister Zola from Congo, (Belgium) were our visitors, but could only speak french. They have 12 children all living at home and she says the cooking is challenging!

Group shot of most of the missionaries.
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A beautiful sunset we watched on our walk home from the office.

Our APs Elder Manwill & Hardy who helped us out of alot of jams!

Jean (John) our dedicated driver has such a cute smile with no front teeth,
but would not smile for the picture. He speaks 3 languages.

John and I have been checking out the missionary apartments and finding how horribly
unclean these guys live. This is an empty apartment that was left clean by the Elders.
We keep reminding ourselves they are only 19, are excellent missionaries and don't
mind living in massive clutter. Do we have a challenge?
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby girl named Stacey.
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Monday, September 15, 2008


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Pictures of our mansion, night time, lake in town.

What a great neighborhood we live in. Actually one of the Bishops lives in one of those quaint homes below us.
And guess what? There is a prison about a block from where we live. And note, none of these homes have bathrooms, showers, stoves, dishwashers, or any kind of running water.
From our patio looking at the Queen's Palace and the lights of Tananarivo.
This statue, I don't know what it is, next to the stadium where the large outdoor market is.
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Madagascar Adventure


Dear Family,

This is your Mom writing first, this week. It has been a good week. The Gayas are still gone, we are missing them, even though life has been easier. At least not so stressful for Dad. He has gained back some of the weight he had lost. Office work has been slow, so I found things to do! I straightened up the office. There is so much clutter around and stacks of papers and stuff!! So I didn’t throw out anything, I just straightened everything up, hoping that no one would notice, especially Sister Gaya, but the AP’s came in and said WOW the office looks so organized. Uck, I hope I don’t affend Sister Gaya. I cleaned the kitchen and took some wash home, cleaned the foyer and made the AP’s clean up their stuff. So all and all I have made every one crazy, but I am bored!

We got a refund for our late luggage of almost $150, so we took the AP’s out to lunch. We went to a new restaurant that I think we would enjoy going to, but it is hard to find.

We certainly enjoy our walks back and forth to the office. Tuesday we saw a woman with a 3 or 4 month old baby strapped to her back and a a bag of stuff , about 18 inches high balanced on her head. She was no more than 5 feet tall. We have a little following of kids that wait for us, to greet them and shake their hands. The kids are always playing soccer, they stick 2 sticks in the ground as their goal and some use plastic grocery bags, stuffed tight and wrapped with duct tape for a ball. They play games with rocks and sticks. They are always happy, we never see any of them fighting or crying.

We went to the open air market on Thursday. We wanted to drive ourselves, but the drivers insisted upon taking us. As soon as we stepped out of the car some kids came up to beg for money. It is so hard to say No! One little girl kept following us and tugging on my sleeve, I turned and realized she was the little girl that carried Sister Gaya and my baskets 2 weeks ago. So we let her carry my big, green market basket. It was so heavy by the time we finished. She helped me pick out the best produce and also helped me pay. We gave her 2,000 ariarys about $!) and our driver said we paid her too much! But since we can’t give to the beggars it is nice to overpay people that our working and not begging. Of course the driver said she probably took it home to her drunk parents .

Dad’s turn. I am very frustrated with my computer which the battery is almost dead. The charger does not seem to be working, and I may have burned it out with the weird voltage problems. I might have to have you send me one, but I will let you know. Amanda thanks for the help on the blog, but I am having difficulty uploading pictures and the video.

Today we went to a new branch about 20 miles south of town. They meet in a beautiful, old French mansion, with estate gardens and large rooms which the church has rented and converted into a very nice chapel. The people are wonderful. As we drove to the building the streets were thronged with Malagasys in Sunday dress going to church which was such a great feeling to see so many that want to worship God. Also hundreds were lining a large river washing their clothes and drying them on the rocks.

On Thursday we will be having an island conference with all of the missionaries and an area authority. We will have 2 elders staying with us for 2 nights which should be fun. I’m still having trouble balancing the petty cash and I am presently 500,000 ariarys short. I’m sure when the Pres. returns he will be able to help me find my mistake or maybe he will just turn me into a proselyting Elder.

Love you all,Mom & Dad
street shopping in Tana.... every Sat. it is jammed.

OOPS, I thought it was a cookie sheet! Were still getting the smell out of the oven.
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