Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dear family and friends,

Our last blog is dedicated to all of you that made many wonderful things happen for some people in Madagascar. Without your donations we could not have accomplished the many projects that came our way. You have been a blessing in their lives and ours also.

Donations came from family, a Bee Hive class, friends, missionaries families, and strangers. We tried to spend your money as wisely as we could. We had over 14,000,000 ariarys donated which is over $7,000.

The blog below will show where some of that money went. There was money spent on getting Malagasy missionaries ready for their missions. Back packs, luggage, white shirts, passports, dental work and immunizations. Some how we never took a picture of them. We also passed out rice and beans in Christmas 2008.

As you have helped some of the least in the world, may Heavenly Father's blessings be with you.
We love you and look forward to being with you in the future.


David & Judy

New school roofs.

We provided food and kitchen equipment for this school.

10 soccer balls were donated.

New roofs for 2 schools where before class had to be cancelled for rain.
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School desks

Many new desks were given to this school

These kids were so happy with new desks and benches.

4 young ladies sponsored for school for the year.
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150 kids were fed lunch for 10 weeks during the poorest time of year.

Some of the kids that got a new roof on their school.

An education for this smiley lady.
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Special assistance.

This young women received tuition for her beauty college education. Many young adults were helped with university expenses.

Our drivers: assisted them with funeral expenses for family members, medical expenses, new glasses and other emergencies.

Youth camp: Our branch youth were helped with camp costs.

Special fund set up to help couples get married and then be ready for baptism.
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Temple assistance.

Many families helped to the temple with passports.

Major medical assistance for baby Veronique.

Her father's heart softened and they listened to the missionaires.

A new sewing machine for this industrious woman and also, another one for the branch.
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5 Home teaching families.

A new bike for a worthy farmer.

Seeds and farm supplies plus education for the kids.

Formula and bottles for this baby that was not thriving.

Education and medical assistance for this wonderful family.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


You round the bend in the road and there is a huge elephant staring at you!!! One of the Big 5. We saw 150 of them.

We saw over 2,000 animals, comprising 26 species, on our 7 day safari.
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King of the beasts!! He is a young male just starting to grow his mane. He is a rare sighting and one of the Big 5.

Yes he is big and intimidating and kept us from traveling on for 30 mintues! This rhino is one of the coveted Big 5 and we saw 8 of them!

Look closely and you will see a large spotted leopard in the tree. Later in the day he killed an impala and drug it back into the tree for dinner!! He is one of the Big 5!!

The buffalo, a Big 5 animal, grazing in the rain. There are 16,000 in the park and we saw about 150 of them.
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There are thousands of these graceful animals in the park.

Here is one of the cute bungalows we stayed in. We stayed 6 nights in the park in 3 different locations and put 1,700km on our rental car!!

spend time with the impalas and zebras. They all stay close to protect them selves from predators at night! We saw about 40 out of31,000!

A crazy baboon taking junior for a ride. They run in packs of about 30-50.
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Notice the bird eating bugs out of the ear of this kudu!!

There are 23,000 zebras in the park. They hang out with the impalas for protection.

This guys is still wet after coming out of the lake to begin feeding!

Are these warthogs ugly? There were 8 with me on the golf course!
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There are 130,000 of these beautiful impalas at the park. We saw hundreds and watched them up close running and jumping.

We saw 50 of these large animals. At night the hippos come out of the water and feed.

From the largest hippo