Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Dinner and a Baptism!

5 turkeys, dressing, mashed potatoes and no RICE! The missionaries loved it and we enjoyed serving them on Christmas Day.

They all had a great time and finished the dinner off with watching "It's a Wonderful Life"!

I look pretty good in white! I baptized Celestine the son in law of BeBe.

The live in a one room upstairs and take care of BeBe. He just hopes 2010 will be as good for them as 2009!!
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Home Teaching and delivering gifts.

Tina's baby. Thank you for all of your clothes donations. Our families loved the new outfits.

Visiting Celestine and Maria's home right after their baptism. Yes, you have to climb that ladder and that is where BeBe lives also.

This is called a small and humble home where 10 people live. Yes, the ceiling is about 5' high.

Home Teaching always has its perils. Several neighbors just lifted up the front end and put bricks under the Berlingo!
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Edmond with his new bike! He was speechless. Thank you for your donations.

He and his family moved off the mountain down into a small village. That is called progress!
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Legends Going Home!

Elder Mahina and Elder Gorringe, 2 wonderful missionaries completing their missions.

We can't wait to see Elder Mahina and his friend Elder Fuga playing for BYU. Mahina is the one on the right!!
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The Bennetts settle in Antsirabe

Elder and Sister Bennett from Tahiti and now in Mada on a leadership mission. They speak French, Tahitian and some English. They will be working with 5 new branches training new leaders.

She picked out her apartment which was actually a villa with 6 bedrooms! But it was only 1,000,000 ariarys or $500 per month. They are doing a wonderful job.

Rice fields planted and growing. It is absolutely a gorgeous country side.

Just some cute kids in Fianarantsoa, our newest branch.
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BeBe's Baptism

She is the Matriarch of a very large family with many of them living on the island where we home teach.

This is part of her family, many already baptized. They are just the most humble people you would ever meet and we love them all.
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Staff Thank You Party

We invited our drivers, guardians and cleaners with their families to a special dinner and party thanking them for their service. We had 72 in attendance.

This is our cleaner Evelyn and her family. She is on the right in purple. They were all so proud to introduce us to their families.

Marcellin's kids performing. These people love to sing and it continued from 6-9pm. We all really enjoyed it.

John, one of our drivers playing his quitar and singing. The audience also joined in on many of the songs.
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La Reunion Trip

We had a great time with the Donnellys on this wonderful 1st world island. We are standing in front of one of their chapels on this French possession which is part of our mission.

A beach party for all of the missionaries.

No swimming for Judy and Sister Donnelly, just running to get out of the waves.

We have a great missionary crew that operates very well with no adult supervision. The President visits them every six weeks.
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