Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Pot holes" in Madagascar!

This is the kind of roads we traveled on to visit the schools.
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This 70 yr old woman is the principal of the private school. Her family helps her run it.

Two classrooms each about 12 x 12' with 50 kids in each classroom. Very crowded.

Nothing like a new soccer ball to get the kids riled up.

Off they go runnning in the mud after the ball!
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This boy and his brother below walk about 5 miles each way to get to school.

Education is very important to them.

One of the teachers looke at the ball to see where it was made. When she saw it was made in the USA and not China she said, "It is good!"
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A few kids needing sponsorship.

This private school has taken in these kids without parent financial aid. The cost per year per child is about $40.

Bailey's class is sponsoring 4 girls for the year and raised money to replace several classroom tables. Way to go Bailey and friends!

Future leaders of Madagascar?

Young children in need of donations.
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Kitchen at the private school.

We take a look at the kitchen facility where they feed 100 kids.

Food preparation underway for lunch.
We have a list of kitchen equipment they need.

Rice is their daily staple. We delivered 200lbs of rice thanks to the Huffs generosity.

How can you not want to help these kids? A small contribution goes a very long way!
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A very poor school in great need!

Over crowded classrooms and a very leaky roof that needs attention.

Bathrooms for 100 kids, in need of repair.

Happy kids everywhere you turn. A small donation from many of our dear friends will go a very long way.

Leaving on a rainy day and there's always Zebos to contend with.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

All Malagasys are concerned!

On Sunday a church across our valley kneeling in prayer for safety.
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The Beautiful Land of Madagascar!

Family below us in one of the shacks has to move. This is all of their earthly possesions.

A land of beautiful sunsets.

The palace.
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They play in front of our apartment and always want their picture taken.

Wouldn't you just like to take one of these "runny noses" home with you?

If the big boys won't let you in, just stick your face between their legs and smile.

Heres the girls.
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