Friday, July 31, 2009

A baptism in Ampitatafika

Waiting for the baptism to begin.

Elder Nielsen and Elder Davis help Roger, our home teaching brother, perform the baptism.

A proud grandma with her 3 grandchildren and yes he is 8.
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Our new mission President.

Eating out with Pres. and Sister Donnelly.

A beautiful display of fruits and vegetables in a produce market.

Looks like ducks to me or maybe a chicken.
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Our "dirt path" gang!

We passed out knit stocking caps to some of them.

This little guy loves to have us swing him every morning.

Notice the dirt path in the background. We walk up this path every morning.
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Our newest Elders. 11 excited missionaries ready to go to work.
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Our hike to our Home Teaching Family.

They are always happy to see us. Yes, they all live in that house.

Many tears were shed at the airport saying good bye to this great group of 10.
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Rice Pounding in Manandona

She lives in the country village. Isn't she cute?

Pounding rice for dinner. It is so much work.

David tries his hand at it and it's not easy.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lets go to the Temple!

The Toamasina Temple trip was a great success. Most of the Malagasy people have never seen an airplane, let alone to fly in one.

Back home from the Johannesburg Temple and so very happy to be able to be sealed together as families.

They're heading home to Toamasina, a 9 hour trip on a small taxi bus.

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Farewell to Gayas

Manandona Branch in front of their tent "building" wishing the Gayas good bye.

One very cute kid who did not like me holding her!

A tearful farewell dinner to the Gayas.
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