Friday, January 23, 2009

Our walk to the office.

We never know what we will find on the road besides lots of cars. Notice the umbrella. We never know when its going to rain!

Judy and her cows! Actually there is a herder down the road and he herds them with a willow with a string on the end of it. Where are the cowboys?
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These are some of the children waiting for us every morning. They know theres a piece of candy for them.
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We get a smile if they can't see the camera, but oh do they love the candy.

All he could see was the camera.

Is she cute or what? Actually they are all so cute you just want to give the dirty little kids a hug.

This is serious business and they are waiting for us every morning. We love bringing a little joy into their lives and I wonder if we can keep it up for the next year.
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A piece of candy for her sleeping baby. Isn't she pretty?

This is her vegetable stand where she also cooks a biscuit to sell.

A shy boy who wants to hang on to his mom, but still wants the candy.

One of the many children we meet on the street that we give candy to. Their moms always smile and thank us. The kids are many times a little scared because we are "vasas", and white people.
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Interesting people on our path to the office

A delightful shoe repair man. This is his shop and he is here everyday. Elders have him
repair their shoes.

There is a retirement home and we see many lonely people on our way. They always greet us with a "bonjour" and a smile. They also like a piece of candy.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Entertaining the kids!

Thumb wrestling, after you teach them, is a favorite

Fahley the champ of the thumb wrestle.

Kids love to have the "fist" shake. They think its good luck with a "vasa", white foreigner.
Doesn't Melanie have a cute smile?
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Other Animals at the Croc farm.

How close can you get without getting pecked?

Yes kids, that's grandmas's hand letting the lemur take a bannana.

They were really trying to get her food. Arn't they cute?

This guy was really stretching for food from grandma. They also have many other kinds of animals at the farm. I hope their not grooming them for the crocs.
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The Croc Farm

We saw about 1,000 crocs. These were being fed.

After eating its nap time with the mouth wide open.

These were juvenile about 6 ft and then they have the kids pool with crocs about 3 feet.

They breed them for the meat market and we had croc kabob for lunch.
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Grounds and statues at the Rova

A very historic site. She was one of the Kings mistresses.

Our tour guide giving us the low down.

A view from the Rova into the valley. You can see the rice paddies below.

Some kids on the way up to the Rova. Check out the scary doll.
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The Rova - Queens Palace

The Queens palace and surrounding buildings burned to the ground 1996.

Steps up to the Queens Church.

Where the Queen sat for church services.
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Some of our H.T. kids

This is Faley, which means happy. He is 10.

This is Melanie who is 12 and walks with a limp because of a bad leg, but is always smiling.

3 brothers, 10, 5, and 8. They love to have us H.T. They are so small for their age

Missing pictures of the baby and Violet who is 12.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

We are so grateful for this time of year when we stop and think of all of our blessings and the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This Christmas week was one of service to our missionaries and members of our Ampitatafika Branch and it really touched our hearts to bring some happiness to them.

It is a thrill to see our newly baptized family, Andre and Tina, who we now home teach, embrace the gospel and let it change their lives. This Christmas season we really felt the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior for all of his children over the world and feel honored we can be of service to Him.

May this coming year bring you and your family great joy and happiness with your family and friends. We thank your for emailing us and keeping us in your prayers and wish you the best for 2009.

All of our love,

David & Judy

New Year's Day

Judy does her traditional Christmas breakfast, but on New Year's Day with the Assistants, the Birds and Njarra. Notice the sausage loaf and fruit cups. Don't you just love it!
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Christmas Day making our deliveries

We delivered about 10 lbs of candy, and 150 lbs of rice and beans to members in our Branch. The kids were thrilled to receive the candy.

Judy loved handing out her candy bags she prepared. Many of these kids received nothing for Christmas except the candy.

Rice and beans to many members and investigators until one of the Elders yelled, FREE RICE, and it was a mob scene.

These people were desparate for a handful of rice and so grateful. It was such a Christmas of giving and helping the less fortunate.Posted by Picasa