Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lemur Park with all of the missionarys

He's on me! We were in the rain forest and of course it was raining!

Everyone loved seeing Sister Peterson with Lemurs!

Yes, he wants to climb on top of her head and she let him!

They are really cute and everyone loved them and had a great time.
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Andasabe Lemur Park

The missionarys loved to feed them bananas!

Sister missionary with turtle at the park.

On the highway to the park. Yes, they have about 500lbs going down a very steep road with trucks and cars. Its crazy dangerous!

Sister Peterson wading in the Indian Ocean! Reminded us so much of San Diego!
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip to Tamatave

We stayed one night in Foul's Beach at a fabulous cottage on the Indian Ocean. and then a wonderful lobster dinner cooked for us on the beach.

After lunch in Tamatave. We have way to much fun!

The open house had 500 in attendance and about 100 referrals.

Some kids along the road. They are so cute and fun see.
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Lunch with Pres. George and family

A wonderful family in our Branch and a wonderful malagasy lunch!

He has a lovely 3 story house and his own well, and a very nice "out house".

The Georges, Gayas and us in their back yard.

His 2 cute daughters, one in college and one in high school. He is a realtor in town.
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Home Teachin - We love it!

Judy is a little concerned about the captain of the canoe.

Elder Clark helping her in. What an amazing companion!

Roger and Vo and family. Members for 2 months and doing great.

Judy taught a lesson on choosing the right and then gave them all a CTR ring! This is Angie and Tinas kids.
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Sabotsy Mahenia - Our new Branch

For now they are just a group, but are growing very fast. We split our time between the 2 branches.

Some of the women in the Branch. The lady in the black dress owns the house we use.

A brand new home where we meet. Her daughter is serving in our mission.

Just a couple of cute kids!
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Monday, April 6, 2009

School Donations.

These roof have been leaking for 3 years. Thank you for helping to reroof the school.

These kids are so grateful for any small donation.

Some of the staff.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank you for your donations!

some of the 30 tables built with your donations. Thank you!

The children were so happy for these beautiful tables.

If you want to donate... make out checks to David Peterson and mail them to Paul Peterson, 13256 Cicero Way, Poway Ca 92064 and he will deposit them in my account and we will let you know how your donation is spent.

4 beautiful girls that Bailey's class paid for their schooling for the rest of this year.
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