Friday, December 26, 2008


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family home evening with about 22 members and investigators in an upscale home with electricity, but no running water.

Elder Hardy, past AP and Elder Locke trying to leave the country with expired Visas. Hopefully from now on all will have current Visas.

Sister Peterson getting ready to pass out Christmas packages to the Elders. She is keeping track of who is getting packages and who is not and of course we will be providing special treats to those who got nothing.

This is about half the group that we meet walking on the path to the office. They want CANDY! The little guy in the front tried to get into my back pocket to get another piece.
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Punch and cookies after the baptism in the Primary room.

Our new home teaching family getting baptized. 3 of their 6 kids.

Elder Ellerman and O'Day with the family they tracted out. They first had to get them married on Wed. and baptized on Saturday.
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This is so much fun! We couldn't believe this is our transportation to go home teaching.

You've got to be kidding?
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Elder Peterson helping to maneuver the boat after paying 100 ariarys per person (a nickel).

Anjie and Tina and their family plus a neighbor girl and her little sister in their humble home. We are sitting on the bed that 6 children sleep on.

These neighbor children waited outside their house until we finished our home teaching visit.

Just a really cute kid wiping his snooty nose.
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The receiving committe to greet us on our return to the other side of the river.

A multitude of kids on the sidewalk following us to our car. We felt like the Pied Piper.

Just a Mom and her baby that wanted her picture taken outside of our gate.

A three generation family in our Branch, the baby is 2 weeks old.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

We are on our way to Andasibe for a overnight adventure and of course are sharing the road with a few Zebus.

We stopped for a break on a very winding road for some juice and muffins.

Traffic in Moranga, a small town along our way.

After 4 hours we stopped for directions. Note David in the window.
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One of the sites you see in Madagascar country side is "slash and burn". All for the commodity of charcoal which they use to cook with.

A house with a panoramic view!

Our cabin in the forest where we heard Indri calling to each other at 5am.
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One of sights we saw on our nocturnal hike.

This is the rain forest in Andasibe National Park.

Our guide, Dezzy, he was the best. He is standing in front of a Traveler's Palm that is in the bannana family.

You think you have termite problems? This is a nest!
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The famous and endangered Indri Lemur of Madagascar. It is the only place in the world it can be found and in this National Park.

A family affair! Father in picture above, juvenile son to the left and Mom and baby on the right. The Mother and Father stay together for a life time. They must have read the Family Proclamation!

Baby peeking over Mom's back to get a better look at the strange animals below them. That's us!

It's big brothers time to take care of his little brother.
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The Common Brown Lemur. Mother and baby in a pack of about 20 in the trees directly above us.

Lemur's tend to jump with their back legs rather than swing with arms and tails.

The nocturnal Lemurs that we woke up with our flash cameras. At night you can see their red eyes glowing.

The Bamboo Lemur munching away on a stock of bamboo.
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Just finishing our 3 hr hike, do we look like Tarzan and Jane?

2 inch Pill bug! We touched it with our toe and it rolled up just like a Pill bug.

A very thin beautiful green Chameleon.

The last animal Dezzy found for us in the park. A 5 ft. tree Boa.
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