Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Trip to Antsirabe

About a 3hr drive through some beautiful country.

The hotel in a quaint little artisan town.

Beautiful inlayed wood work with the most primitive tools. This is a jig saw with a blade from a car tire.

They are having to much fun and the kids love them!
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Pres. Gaya with some of the workers.

Such a fun loving people.

This is the little girl sitting on my lap carrying her little brother on her back.
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Service Project

Actually the girls worked the hardest and looked the best!

In the chapel with its dirt floor this Elder finishes making a cement pad for the sacrament table.

The man in charge of this group is adding on another house for his sister. They are very industrious and hard working people.

This event was like a time warp back to the 1800s.
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Service Project in Monondona

About 50 to work on the road, have lunch, and visit.

This little girl was quite afraid of us, but I snatched her up for this picture.

Typicla Malagasy couple that faithfully walks to the "tent" for church services.

Cute feet.... Most of these country folks are barefoot.
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Antsirabe Trip

It almost looks like Southern Utah, but with rice paddies.

This is an awesome missionary team that is really building the kingdom.

Marcellin trying to make us look like a taxi bay. He knows we will be buying lots of stuff on the way home.

These taxi bays are cramed with about 20 people plus lots of luggage.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Friends,

Just a quick update on our status in this very unstable country. We have a new President thanks to military intervention and most everyone thinks this new leadership will be good for the country. All of the missionaries are very safe and follow Pres. Gayas direction exactly.

The missionary work is going forward at an unbelievable pace with many joining and being reacitvated. We love being part of all of this activity and are doing our part home teaching and teaching an institute class.

Our assistance in helping out these 2 schools is moving forward but we still need donations. Thanks to all of you who have donated.

We love all of you and are amazed that we are close to completing 7 months.


David and Judy

Enough Lemurs yet?

They would hold your hand as you fed them peanuts.

They loved peanuts and when we tried to feed them carrots, they would throw them away!

This Lemur park only had a few, but they were very tame.

Mom had this one standing on its hind legs.
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We love these Malagasy people.

Another soccer ball given to the kids in front of our house.

Our new home teaching family, they are so cute.

A classic manual Singer, donated to our Branch.

Yes, it's kite season and the kids are flying them everywhere!
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Babies for sale.... not really!

This baby was sopping wet, but It didn't bother Judy at all!

I think these 2 babys are cousins! After we purchased pineapples, the Moms let us hold their babys.

This is Grandma with her new baby.

This is her daughter with her new baby!
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A fun Lemur Park.

Still happy and in love after soooo many years!

These Lemurs are so cute you just want to hold them.

"This is so booooring"

"See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil"
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A trip to the country.

One year in the church and they have a temple recommend!

Heading up the river to see the Lemurs.

Look closely, yes its a tv antenna!

A slumbering zebu!
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